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Pinnacle Homeowners Association, Inc.

2021 Board of Directors & Architectural Control Committee Election

Board of Directors

Terri Allen

Pinnacle Property:  26 Clubhouse

Length of Ownership:  21 Years

Position:  Board of Directors


I am a long time resident of Northwest Arkansas, moving here with my husband Jay and family in 1995.  We moved into the Pinnacle neighborhood in 1999, owning two different residences and raising a family during that time.  We have also been active Pinnacle Country Club members since 1999, participating in many activities and special events over the years.  

I have also been a committed and involved citizen in Northwest Arkansas during my 25 years here, serving a variety of causes and organizations, including serving as Board Chairman of the Boys & Girls Club of Benton County in 2003-2006.  I strongly believe if you choose to get involved with a specific cause or organization, you have a responsibility to serve that cause or organization with passion and commitment.  That will be my approach should I be elected to the POA board.


I hope we can all agree that Pinnacle is already a great neighborhood and community, one of the best in the state of Arkansas, and a true quality of life amenity for the growing Northwest Arkansas region.  However, with the strengthened POA we have an excellent opportunity to not only maintain our current standards but also further elevate the neighborhood and make it better in all respects.  Should I be elected to the board, and working with the other board members and Pinnacle residents overall, I pledge to make this my number one priority.


I appreciate the opportunity to be part of this process and for the opportunity to give back to this special neighborhood which has been such a positive and important part of my family's life for more than 20 years.  I respectfully and humbly ask for your vote.

Kristen Boozman

Pinnacle Property:  16 Sechrest Cir

Length of Ownership:  9 Years

Position:  Board of Directors & ACC


Since my very first job at the Pinnacle Tennis shop, I have been fortunate to have been associated with Pinnacle both professionally and personally for most of my life. Over the last 22 years, I have lived on the golf course, in the townhomes, on Wembley Drive and currently own 16 Sechrest Circle.  As the Principal Broker and owner of Portfolio Sotheby’s International Realty in Rogers, I have brokered over 225 Pinnacle property sales. 


I care about property values and have worked hard for Pinnacle to remain one of the very best places to live in Northwest Arkansas. In 2016 I started the Pinnacle Homeowner Facebook page as a way for neighbors to connect. Shortly after that I was asked to join the board to help with the covenant amendment. I have worked alongside the current board members and other volunteers for 3 years to get over 400 notarized signatures to get it passed in 2020.


I am proud of what we have accomplished so far and am excited to see through our upcoming priorities.  Because the covenant amendment was passed, we can now move forward with projects desperately needed. We remain focused on the completion of the perimeter fencing around the neighborhood to keep it secure (along rainbow road, between the Southgate neighborhood, and along champions), planting large evergreen trees along our perimeter fencing to give a buffer from the nearby commercial projects, opening the new gate on Rainbow Road and enhancing security. 


I would appreciate your votes and promise to continue to work hard for our community and ensure Pinnacle is the best place in Northwest Arkansas to live, work and play. 

Tim Burke

Pinnacle Property:  3 Nottingham

Length of Ownership:  8 Years

Position:  Board of Directors & ACC


I am looking forward to serving our residents best interests as a member of the Pinnacle POA Board of Directors & ACC. I want to see to it that Pinnacle grows in overall value for the enrichment of Family, Friends, Community and overall real Estate Worth. Over the past 8+ years, we have developed wonderful friendships and really believe we live in the finest neighborhood Arkansas has to offer. So much so that we moved my mother into Pinnacle a few years back. With our long-term commitment to the area we’re lucky enough recently to bring our new grandson and family to NWA as well. I believe in a "customer" focused approach ("customers" meaning we the community), not to mention my desire to over-communicate and even have some fun in the process. (although I won't be posting any "vote for Burke" signs in my yard) Of additional relevance, we have also had the privilege to build several larger custom homes in some highly regulated areas across the country thus bringing a diverse view that helps us understand both the freedom homeowners want and deserve with their investments, balanced with the basic fundamentals of necessary strategic guidelines to keep our community head and shoulders above the rest. Those of you that know me, are well aware, that I am not afraid to tackle even the toughest of issues head on nor hesitant to speak my mind. Your consideration for me to serve our community is appreciated.

For those interested, I have listed a relevant (and some irrelevant but fun) professional history that you will see highlights my entrepreneurial spirit:

Performance Solutions 1010 (Founder)
International boutique consulting organization specializing in scalable industry leading disruptive technology focusing on Energy Optimization, Building Automation and IoT connected software solutions.

eMBR (CEO/Co-Founder)
A diverse multi-sector and flexible analytics software platform that leverages superior data management, business intelligence, data science and AI to deliver accurate supply and demand forecast needs in real time.

Sustainable Investments (Founder)
Real Estate Investment Firm


Burke Entertainment (Founder)
Entertainment production of television shows, commercials and radio. Also providing entertainment in Stand-up comedy, radio, on-stage live performance, television shows, commercials and movies.  

Burke Engineering Company (Owner…Sold 2007)
Largest independent wholesaler of HVAC & building automation controls in the US  

Patrick Christiansen

Pinnacle Property:  39 Champions

Length of Ownership:  2.5 Years

Position:  Board of Directors & ACC


Prior to retirement, I was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a complex 1100 bed teaching/research medical campus in Northern Virginia with an annual operating budget of 1.5 billion dollars.  During my time as CEO I led the largest building project in Inova Health System’s history.


The $850 million campus expansion provides a world-class environment for patient care, education and research in an all-private room setting.  The project included the construction and opening of a new 217,000 square foot, 11-story tower adding 174 patient rooms to Inova Fairfax Medical Campus, which opened in January 2013; and the new 660,000 square foot 12-story tower to house the Inova Women’s Hospital and Inova Children’s Hospital, which opened in February 2016. 


Because of my ability to work in a positive fashion with all members of the care team and our board of directors I was able to recruit Dr. Chris O’Conner, head of the Duke Heart Institute, to serve as the CEO of the Inova Heart and Vascular Institute and  Dr. Donald Trump, CEO of Roswell Park Cancer Institute, to serve as the CEO of the Inova Shar Cancer Institute.

In a collaborative manner we implemented a monthly growth council with physician and administrative leadership to develop and drive our strategic growth and guide annual strategic operating plan for the medical campus aligning performance objectives with the system level goals which enabled measurable growth and quality goals being exceeded.


I also directed physician recruitment and engagement in new markets and service lines including the development of a multi-health system joint venture resulting in the creation of a shared environment whereby Inova continues to maintain a positive market position within area geographic to another health system.


My wife Connie and I selected this area secondary to its many outdoor activities (golf, flying, hunting) and location to family. Connie is from Fort Smith and I am from Oklahoma.

I would like to be involved in our community and believe I could use the talents I have gained to be an active, interested and engaged member of the board. I have worked with, and on, many boards during my professional career and have a solid understanding of their role and their ability to be stewards of the community they serve.


John Cooper III

Pinnacle Property:  12 Plymouth

Length of Ownership:  Over 10 Years

Position:  Board of Directors & ACC


John A. Cooper, III leads Cooper Communities, Inc. as Chairman of the Board of Directors.  Cooper Communities was founded by his grandfather in 1954 as the John Cooper Development Company.  The company started developing and marketing Cherokee Village in north central Arkansas as a resort-styled community with lakes and golf courses targeting vacationers and pre-retirees as a value-oriented, dream retirement lifestyle.  John's father led the company as its president from 1966 to 2002 and chairman until 2013.

Cooper Communities was a pioneer in the large-scale retirement community development business, developing and marketing three significant communities in Arkansas - Cherokee Village, Hot Springs Village and Bella Vista Village, altogether comprising 75,000 acres and today, home to more than 50,000 residents.  The company later added projects in Missouri, Tennessee, South Carolina and West Virginia.  In total, communities developed by the company include 26 golf courses, 25 lakes, over 1700 miles of roads and have more than 112,000 owners from all over the country.

John worked for the company during summers in various capacities and after college joined the company full time as a financial analyst.  In 1998 he was named Assistant to the President and became Executive Vice President in 2000.  He was later promoted to President in 2002 and became Chairman of the Board in 2019.  Among other projects, John led the Company’s acquisition, development and operation of Glade Springs Village in West Virginia and Creekmoor, a 1,000 acre golf community in Raymore , Missouri.  As president and chairman, John oversaw the company's principal businesses:  land development, home building, resort timeshare and commercial real estate.  John also guided the company's divesting of its home building and timeshare business units and growth of its commercial real estate company, Cooper Realty Investments, Inc.

John grew up in Bella Vista, attended college in Memphis, Tennessee and graduated in 1996 from the University of Memphis with a BSBA in Marketing.  John has lived in Pinnacle more than ten years.  John has served on the boards of numerous property owner's associations including Glade Springs Village POA.  John has also served on the boards of the following corporate and community organizations:  Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel Foundation; Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce; COFAM; Earth Science Laboratories, Inc; White River Bancshares; and the Nature Conservancy.

BSBA from The University of Memphis - 1996
Analyst Midland Financial 1992-1996
Analyst Cooper Communities 1996-2000
Executive Vice President Cooper Communities 2000-2002
President Cooper Communities 2002-2019

Chairman of Cooper Communities
Chairman of Earth Science Labs
Chairman of CoFam
Director Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel Foundation

Past Boards Include:
Arkansas Nature Conservatory
Signature Bank
Glade Springs Village POA
Hot Springs Village Town House Association
Bella Vista Town House Association



Cheryl Darnell

Pinnacle Property:  3 Newhaven Ct

Length of Ownership:  4 Months

Position:  ACC


I wish to be considered as a candidate to serve as an ACC Member of the Pinnacle Homeowners Association, Inc.  Although I am relatively new to this community, I am well experienced in HOA relationships.  My experience and qualifications are:

  • Big Canoe, Big Canoe, GA
    • 2010 - Present Architectural and Environmental Control Committee
  • Decatur Presbyterian Church, Decatur, GA
    • 2014-2020 Finance Council Member
    • 2016-2019 Chairman of Finance Council
  • Hampton Court Condominium Association, Decatur, GA
    • 2006-2014 Served as:  President, Secretary, Board Member at Large, Chairman of Landscape and Property Committee
  • The Oceans Condominium Association Satellite Beach, FL
    • 2011-2015 Served as:  Board of Directors President, Board Member at Large
  • 2001-2004 Executive Director, Newton County Home Builders Association
  • 1988 - 2000 Member of the Newton County Home Builders Association
    • Served as:  President 1998-2000, Secretary, Board Member at Large
    • Member of the Home Builders Association of Georgia (HBAG)
    • Member of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
  • 1988-2000 Property Developer, General Contractor, new home construction in Newton County, GA

I believe that I can contribute to protecting and upholding the beauty and environmental integrity of the Pinnacle Community and, at the same time, maintain our property values.  I welcome the opportunity to serve in this capacity.

*Hampton Court Condominiums is a 16-unit complex in Decatur, GA.  Individual properties are valued between $500K and $600K, between 2100-2400 sq. ft.

The Oceans Condominiums is a 24-unit complex in Satellite Beach, FL. Individual units are 3500 sq. ft. and valued between $800k-$1.2M.

Big Canoe is a residential and resort community with 3 golf courses, 2 pools, and 3 lakes.  There is a tennis complex, clubhouse, chapel, and fitness center also on the property.  It is a community of 2353 single family homes and 397 cluster homes.  There are strict controls maintained on the properties.  Any action on any property must be approved b the ACC.

I am still a property owner at Hampton Court and Big Canoe.



Mike Hudson

Pinnacle Property:  40 Champions

Length of Ownership:  22 Years

Position:  Board of Directors

I have been a resident of Rogers for almost my entire life.  I have been a witness to tremendous change in our community during that time.  After moving several times following college, my wife Michelle and I moved home to Rogers. We have raised our two children in this wonderful neighborhood since 1998 and we are looking forward to retiring here someday.


I remember the early stages of Champions Golf & Country Club and the promise of new growth for our area that it represented. It was quite exciting for the residents of Rogers & Bentonville and many families quickly began investing and moving their homes to the neighborhood. Unfortunately, the original developer of the Neighborhood was far less than honest, and it became apparent that the Country Club was at risk of default. If that were to happen, the new residents would have surely incurred substantial losses. To avoid that outcome, my Grandfather, Red Hudson, spearheaded a group of people to purchase the Club and prevent its demise.  Through the years, our family has fought hard to continually upgrade Pinnacle Country Club. 


Over the last 10 years, I have become deeply involved with the daily operations of the Club and have also participated with the POA as we strive to continually enhance the property value of every residence within the gates.   As the current General Manager of Pinnacle Country Club, I aim to continue my Grandfather’s desire to make Pinnacle a premier country club.  It is my sincere hope that it will always be a benefit to everyone living within the Pinnacle Gates.

Randy Hurban

Pinnacle Property:  13 Razorback

Length of Ownership:  7 Years

Position:  Board of Directors

I love the Pinnacle community because it is beautiful, safe, perfectly located in NWA and is home to many wonderful people and families. We love the community so much that we recently downsized and moved across the street so we can stay inside the gates. I would love to serve the people of our community and work with POA Directors to ensure that we maintain and elevate our community where fiscally possible.

I bring more than 25 years of international and domestic corporate experience working cross-organizationally and across many cultures to get life changing and safe medications, diagnostics and devices developed and commercialized through the pharmaceutical (J&J, Novartis) and clinical research organizations (Quintiles now IQVIA) I worked for during those years. We relocated to NWA 15 years ago and during that time I acquired 2 businesses in NWA and partnered with a group to acquire another business in the State of Arkansas. During this time, I served as CEO and Chairman of the Board on 2 boards and served as an advisor to the 3rd board.

18 months ago, I entered the nonprofit sector to become CEO at First Tee — NWA and an active board member. During this time, First Tee has become fiscally stable as we successfully
navigated through the pandemic to ensure that
we could positively impact youth in our community. I have worked effectively with our board to initiate and bring about innovative solutions to our community such as building a Par 3 9 Hole Course for kids, conduct Adult/Child Golf Tournaments
and the only First Tee Character Development Mobile Unit for the underserved youth community. We also provided virtual programming for kids and other socially distanced programs for fundraising and safe operations.

Prior to moving into Pinnacle 7 years ago, I started the Pinnacle Wine Club with PCC members and residents. I led this club for several years and it grew to more than 40 members. It continued for several years with another leader but lost traction after she relocated outside of NWA. It was a fun and great experience that helped our community come together and get to know each other while learning about something many loved, wines.

I am not a politician by any means but promise to provide active leadership to the POA Board and Pinnacle CC Community by listening and bringing COMMON SENSE solutions to the table that we can ACT on for the safety and well being of our community. I believe in having bylaws and rules that make sense for our community and standing up to ensure we all abide by them.  

Dan Kies

Pinnacle Property:  117 Champions

Length of Ownership:  6 Years

Position:  Board of Directors & ACC

My wife Nicole and I built our house in Pinnacle in 2013, we have three children, and we love being a part of the neighborhood and community it creates.  Professionally I have worked in the Northwest Arkansas area since 2004, specializing in retail technology sales and delivery.  In addition, I run and manage a commercial and residential property company that includes two townhouses in Pinnacle.  Throughout this period I have been involved with the ACC, residential and real estate contracts, negotiations, and conflict resolution.

My goals for joining the POA Board include:

- Establishing and communicating complete transparency in POA activity to POA members

- Enabling the members of the POA to trust and have a voice in the long term financial health of the POA related to dues, expenditures, and upcoming projects

- Allowing Pinnacle residents immediate access for raising questions or concerns for non-conforming properties and issues

- Quick resolution to grievances or violations of covenants that impact the perception or value of the community

- Ensuring the level of security for gates, fencing, and access is up to the standards that we expect in this neighborhood

- Eliminate non-residential businesses such as nightly rentals, car dealerships, and bed and breakfasts from Pinnacle

- Regular opportunities for open discussions about what we can do to improve the neighborhood and the community outside the gates

Please reach out to me for questions anytime.

Al Scheuermann

Pinnacle Property:  14 Razorback

Length of Ownership:  16 Years

Position:  Board of Directors

I have served my country and this community in various leadership roles, giving me invaluable experience that I would like to bring to the Pinnacle POA Board as a serving member.  We have lived in Pinnacle since 2004 and have enjoyed watching the growth over the years.  With the approval of the new covenant, the responsibility of the Board will expand; my goal would be to help make Pinnacle the premier place to live in NW Arkansas an my pledge would be to provide complete transparency - clear communication to its residents.


Service to Country
Vietnam Veteran (Bronze Star Recipient)

Professional Experience
Vice President, Welch's Walmart Team, Welch Foods, Inc.
Vice President, Customer Development, Atlas Technologies
Principal/Owner, Team Assist

Service to Community
Mercy Capital Campaign (to build new hospital)
Mercy Corporate Council Member
Arkansas Children's Northwest Capital Campaign (to build new hospital)
Arkansas Children's Northwest Community Outreach Volunteer

Charitable Boards/Committees
Charity Challenge of Champions Committee Member
American Heart Association Heart Ball Executive Committee Member
American Heart Association Heart Walk Executive Committee Member
Mercy Golf Tournament committee Member
Arkansas Children's NW Will Golf for Kids Committee
Equestrian Bridges Board Member


Kathy Scharff

Pinnacle Property:  14 Sechrest Cir

Length of Ownership:  8 Years

Position:  Board of Directors & ACC

My husband, David, and I have lived in Pinnacle for over 8 years. I am a licensed REALTOR® and interior design consultant following a 25+ year career in Marketing Communications. My experience while working for a Fortune 1 and Fortune 250 company have been integral in the development of my leadership, cross-collaboration, budget and communication skills. As a REALTOR® I keenly understand and am highly motivated to maintain our neighborhood for the benefit of all homeowners. Pinnacle is a treasure in NWA and I would be proud to serve on the board or ACC team to listen, learn and prepare for the needs of our community.

William (Bill) Witcofski

Pinnacle Property:  2 Bruce Lietzke

Length of Ownership:  25 Years

Position:  Board of Directors & ACC

My Wife Sharon & I built our first home in Pinnacle in 1995, we have built 4 homes and lived in Pinnacle for going on our 26th year now.

I graduated Bentonville High School in 1979.  I have been a licensed contractor in good standing in the state of Arkansas for over 40 years.

I have always been attracted to Pinnacle Country Club since the first bulldozer started grading the streets in Pinnacle, and the very first home was under construction.  Pinnacle Golf Course is one of the most well maintained and beautiful courses in the Southern United States.

The Pinnacle subdivision is the most desirable community in the 4 state area and it is my hearts desire to continue that by being diligent of every aspect, in order to sustain property values and good public opinion of Pinnacle to the highest level.

I would like for the Pinnacle Homeowners to consider my involvement on the boards and use my past experience and my current love for Pinnacle, in order to help Pinnacle move into the future. 

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